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Whether you are searching for a second home, a commercial property, or your next international property investment; finding the right property can be a frustrating, confusing and time-intensive process. And looking overseas just makes it harder!

That is why our mission is to provide you with all the information, resources and service you need to make the right decision.

The Internet has enabled an explosion of choice for consumer search and shopping. But, the international real estate industry has remained stagnant and fragmented, spread across thousands of websites around the world - making it nearly impossible to find up-to-date and reliable property listings. Until now...

The World Property Network is proud to announce the global release of the TWPN.com portal and business management system. Whether you are buying a cottage in Croatia, renting an apartment in Florida, or investing in an office in England, TWPN.com is here to support you at every step of the journey - from search to closing, from appraisals to relocation.

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