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Why advertise on TWPN?

The global property market is changing faster than the industry would like to admit, the high street is dying and high rental costs meaning massive amounts of retail outlets closing. Your online presence is not an option, its mandatory - Join The World Property Network.

Set to become the first choice for property professionals worldwide who take their on-line business seriously.


By joining our international network you can lead your local market, gain more instructions and secure your share of a global audience in the new 2019 rapidly expanding digital era of international property trading.

We are passionate about our site users 'On-Line' experience.

TWPN's new website provides our site users with many benefits:

  • Search for properties in 72 different Languages - with just one click!
  • Search for properties in 32 currencies = 98% of most used currencies globally - with just one click!
  • Radius Property Search for all sale and rental properties worldwide.
  • Postcode and Zip Code Search – more countries to be added soon.
  • Multi-layered interactive maps with fantastic worldwide coverage
  • Automatic Global Geo-Coder for all property locations finder taken from clients feeds.
  • 20 property location Icons to see what’s near the properties of your choice:
  • A cleaner user interface - with a unique multi-category search tool.
  • Properties found through search-engines always match criteria searched.
  • Valuable financial and support services for buyers and investors.

Property Developers, Brokers and Estate Agents listing with TWPN benefit from the following:

All of your properties can be automatically uploaded and kept up to date on our network using our API and XML property import feed system.

With the option to send your properties using our video link technology. That are automatically posted onto YouTube, the world's second largest search engine to Google.

Direct email and telephone access to listing all listing Agents & Developers.

Offer valuable international financial and support services for buyers and investors.

Fast approaching our goal of hosting the largest source of global properties, TWPN is poised to raise the standard of online property search to new heights!