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Casa NautIlusPlaya FlamIngo Guanacaste, Costa RIcaConvenIent, easy to get to28 InternatIonal flIghts Into LIberIa1 hour drIve from the aIrportLocatIonLocated on Costa RIca's gold coast, Playa FlamIngo Is a mIle long crewIng shaped whIte sand beach. One of the fIrst of Costa RIca's beaches to receIve InternatIonal attentIon. It has evoked Into one of the country's most lavIsh beaches, PrIstIne and uncrowded. Made up of beachfront resorts, natural mangrove habItat and a few coveted prIvate propertIes. Surfers enjoy the challengIng waves off the south rIdge of the beach. Sea turtles nest and hatc...

4 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

Central America.