Exploring the Sector...

We at TWPN share the common belief that the future of Commercial Real Estate rests upon the networks we build day-to-day.

So, when we grow and develop our global network of partners and affiliates we look to nurture the interests of our Clients by providing them not only with strategic sales options, but the leasing, safeguarding and management services they need to support their investments in the long-term.

The commercial real estate industry is a dynamic, ever evolving, sector of the market. Our challenge is to remain adaptable to the tides and flows of this industry to ensure Clients need are met effectively, and to the highest of standards. We at TWPN Commercial Global Affiliates are a network of real estate affiliates who are truly dedicated to delivering strategic property solutions to individuals across the globe; effectively managing their needs, no matter how complex or diverse.

Our expanse of global partners bring with them a wealth of current and historical market intelligence, first-hand experience in the field,

and knowledge of current market conditions. In this way, we can help you to source, purchase and fully expose your assets’ value as an institutional owner, or private investor.

Here at TWPN, we utilise:

  • The latest in communicational and marketing tools.
  • Technology which provides real-time monitoring & data updates.
  • High calibre training and educational schemes.
  • A network of international affiliates active in the commercial industry.
  • Support from a recognised, global brand.
  • A Company that is known, trusted, and is already established in the industry.
  • Our access to global offices, with a global footprint more relevant to the foreign buyer.


Property options characterised by multiple levels designated low, medium or high rise…


Property options which vary both in size and in their individual 'use-cases'...


Property options which may or may not possess existing anchor tenants depending on the property size...


The more unique property options available to in the market such as hotel & resort complexes.