Estate Agent FAQs

  • What happens with the leads that TWPN receive?+

    Enquiries generated from are sent directly to your email inbox, the address that was registered on our system during your application process.

  • How much do you charge?+

    This depends on which package you have selected with us for more details on our charges please

  • Is there a minimum contract?+

    Once terms & Conditions have been agreed there is a minimum rolling contract of 1 month with a 1 month advanced notice period.

    Once the first year have elapsed the contract will simply just roll over until we are advised otherwise by you in writing, you do not need to renew the contract.

  • How do we list and showcase our properties with you?+

    Once you register with an Estate Agent, our Sales team we will contact you directly and offer you the various listing fee options.

  • How many properties can I advertise / showcase?+

    There is no limit as to how many properties you can sell or rent on our International Network.

  • What type of properties can I list or feature with TWPN?+

    We cater for all of the following:

    Property sales
    Property rentals
    Off plan properties and investments
    Commercial properties
    Investment properties & portfolios
    Land & plots

  • Do I need to be registered with an Estate Agents governing body in my location?+

    TWPN would are offering a professional service to its site visitors and clients and it is our preference that where possible, the Land / Estate Agents that are registered with us are also members of their country's professional body's associations.

    However, this is not a mandatory requirement that we set.

  • When can I start advertising / showcasing my properties?+

    Once your registration and application has been approved by our sales team and you have agreed and signed our Terms and Conditions, together with the first payment being received you will be issued with a user name and password.

    Just log in to your own personal office account and list you properties.

  • When do my properties appear on

    Once created, your properties will appear instantly on our live web site.

  • How long can I showcase my properties for?+

    There is no time limit. However, in order to keep our database fresh and up to date, it is your responsibility to ensure that you refresh the date stamp on each property you have on our website by simply adding the current date on your administration register.

    We recommend, in view of the above system, that you have a preset monthly day in your calendar to review your current properties.Or better still use our XML feed service.

    Our research has revealed that many property portals simply have thousands of properties that are no longer for sale of the price has changed or have been withdrawn from the market and nobody has updated their system.

    We at have therefore initiated our system for the benefit of our site visitors / users and clients who desire a current, fresh and up to date selection of global property opportunities.

  • Can I list my property without photos?+

    Yes, but as you can imagine a photo tells a different story to the text. It is also obvious that potential purchasers will take a lot less notice of your property if there are no pictures. We suggest with our years of experience that you do provide as many pictures as possible.

  • I don't have digital photos of my property?+

    We only accept digital photographsNote: There is a limit of 10 pictures / images per property, if you require more on a specific project of property then please contact the support team on

  • What shall I include in my property portfolio descriptions?+

    We have developed a system that guides our Land / Estate Agents registered with us as to how to upload their properties and also recommendations as to how to capitalise in the presence of their properties on our network.


    Simply the more data that you provide for each property that you showcase, the easier the visitor to the site will be able to find their exact requirements that are compatible with their advance search selections.

  • How do we update our portfolio?+

    You will be issued with your own personal username and password. This will enable you to have access to your property management area in our detailed office administration section of our website. Here you can add edit your properties as and when you like. However, we strongly recommend that you use our XML feed service.

  • How does it work?+

    Once you update your own website the TWPN XML feed robots search this information and this data update automatically feeds on to our network, we runs these feeds daily, it saves huge amount of time and is easy to set up.

  • What if I make a mistake or don't like my descriptions?+

    Once registered you will be issued with a user I.D. and password, log on to your management area and just amend as required, change details, descriptions or change your picture as many times as you wish.

  • Can you guarantee search engine results?+

    We can't guarantee our search engine results, however search engine optimization is an integral part of the structure of the network during its construction phase, thereby building in all of the necessary internet coding and is a very important part of the functionality of, and it is one of our main drives and focus, to stay at 'number 1' on all search engines.