Highlighted Property in Europe

SPAIN - Cabo Roig, Costa Blanca South

21,003,501 USD

One of the elite properties in southern Spain, El Martinete affords its guests the last word in “six star” living accommodation. Situated on the beachfront just five minutes walk from Puerto Banus, the villa accommodates up to ten guests with additional accommodation for a further five guests in two small guest houses within its grounds. With truly magnificent views over the Mediteranean, it [...]


Curb appeal – it’s the one term any real estate investor knows like the back of his hand, and Europe is a great place to find it. European real estate investors know that some of the best places on the globe are on this small continent. From the low rents and high yields across France to the continual stability of Germany, the terms “Europe” and “real estate investment,” almost go hand in hand. Across this amazing continent, investors often find beautiful locations with great access to some of the world’s most sought-after cities. That, though, comes paired with low transaction costs, attractive tax rates, stable political systems, and even pro-landlord rental markets. While there are spots where non-citizens will have trouble buying property directly, there are also many locations that make investment easier than you can imagine. The UK has many properties for sale and rent, for example.