Immigration, Residency and Citizenship Programmes – Global Mobility.

TWPN Immigration.

The TWPN Immigration service has access to a worldwide network of residency and citizenship programmes uniquely enhanced by the biggest global property search.

Once you have submitted your completed form, TWPN Immigration can connect you to an elite group of global residency and citizenship advisers. These trusted professionals will provide you with excellent advice and guidance to best suit your personal needs and requirements.


The term ‘residency’ means you have the right to live and conduct day to day business in a chosen country.
Certain restrictions are then applied on a country by country basis.
Whereas, the term ‘citizenship’ means that you have the same rights as any other natural-born citizen of that country.
This brings numerous benefits, as it means that you are able to live and conduct business freely.
For example, you can access health care and education facilities, and be issued with a passport for that particular country.
Whether residency or citizenship is more suited to you and your family, will entirely depend upon your own individual needs.

Citizenship by Investment (CBI).

Citizenship programmes are usually preferred by those who look for a direct route to legally acquire the citizenship of a country.
This lifelong right of citizenship is not only for you and your children, but also creates a lasting legacy for generations to come.
There are many benefits to obtaining second citizenship, ranging from increased global mobility and economic opportunities in key business hubs, to improved access to superior education and healthcare.

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