Argentina Residency

Residency requirements.

Argentina is a welcoming country with relatively liberal entry and exit policies. It offers a helpful range of visa options, whether you’re contemplating a short visit, a longer-term stay, or eventual retirement. If you’re a U.S. or Canadian citizen, you don’t need a visa for an initial tourism or business stay of up to 90 days—just an undamaged passport with at least six months remaining validity.

Pathway to Residency

Real Estate.

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This visa offers an additional path to temporary residency and is valid for up to three years. It is granted to foreigners who intend to make an investment in Argentina amounting to at least one-and-a-half million Argentine Pesos, roughly $37,000 in a legal and productive business, commercial, or service activity. The money must be held in financial institutions authorized by the BCRA (Central bank of the Argentine Republic).

To apply, you must submit financial records, your business experience CV and an investment and business plan to the Ministry of Industry and Tourism in Argentina, who then analyses your submission to determine if it meets the necessary financial sustainability requirements for issuing the visa.


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A clean criminal record. Police clearance certificate from the countries where you have resided for a period of more than one year during the last three years, together with an affidavit stating a lack of criminal records.
Entry visa stamp (if proceeding)
Proof of income from investments in foreign banks or companies, or securities issued by banks in the Argentine banking system.
Proof of source of funds/income.
All documents must be duly translated into Spanish.

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