Austria Residency

Residency requirements.

Austrian residency gives you visa-free access to the 26 Schengen countries, 22 of which are in the EU. You aren't required to stay in Austria for a particular amount of time. After 10 years of residency, citizenship is available. There is no prior residency required for the citizenship by investment option.

Pathway to Residency

Real Estate.

Real estate is not an eligible investment for this programme.


Self-employed Key workers; A minimum investment capital of EUR 100,000; or

A business that creates new, or secures existing jobs; or Has a considerable significance for the entire region;


Start-up Founders; A minimum investment capital of EUR 50,000 and an equity share of a minimum of 50%, in a business which develops and launches an innovative product, service, processing method or technology;


Settlement Permit – Gainful Employment Excepted; Have a minimum regular monthly income of EUR 1,866.12 for a single applicant, EUR 2,797.94 for a married couple and EUR 287.94 additionally for each minor dependent from Austrian or foreign pensions, profits from enterprises abroad, income from assets, savings or company shares;


This programme does not require applicants to make a financial contribution to the state; 


After the expiration of the initial two-year residence period, an extension is possible in the form of a three-year settlement permit, or a Red-White-Red card plus which may be valid for up to three years.

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