Guernsey Residency.

Why Guernsey?

The small country of Guernsey lies in the English Channel, merely an hour’s flight from France, and a 45 minute flight from London. 

The oceanic climate is similar to that of a pleasant summer in the Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm summers. 

Guernsey boasts long sandy bays, steep cliffs and cavernous valleys which cut through the terrain, and its rich military history has left a number of fortifications including the Castle Cornet. 

It’s convenient location to mainland Europe and the UK has led to its growing popularity for the business community. 

Whilst Guernsey has been a popular tourist destination since the Victorian age, tourism together with manufacturing and horticulture, have been in decline. 

The island is now recognised as a leading offshore financial centre for a variety of banking, fund management, and insurance services, now accounting for over a third of the GDP. 

Guernsey levies no capital gains, inheritance, capital transfer, value added or general withholding taxes. 

Once an investor has lived in Guernsey for 6 consecutive years an application for citizenship can be made.

Pathway to Residency

Real Estate.

See right under Investment.


Investment of at least 750,000 GBP for the benefit of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, by either making a deposit in a Guernsey bank account, or purchase of real estate on the Open Market.


Investment of at least 200,000 GBP in a new or existing Guernsey company by way of the entrepreneur visa route, together with full-time ownership and self-management of the company.

The company must create job opportunities and be economically beneficial for the state.

Note – An applicant must also have employment in Guernsey or evidence that they have adequate means of self-support without recourse to public funds.


No additional contributions are required.


The investor must have the intention to settle in Guernsey.

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