Jersey Residency.

Why Jersey?

The small country of Jersey lies in the English Channel, 12 miles from France, and just under 100 miles from the south English coast. 

The oceanic climate is similar to that of a pleasant summer in the Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm summers. 

Jersey boasts long sandy bays, steep cliffs and cavernous valleys which cut through the terrain. 

The standard of living is one of the highest known, and the convenient location to mainland Europe and the UK has led to its growing popularity for the business community. 

Whilst Jersey relies heavily on tourism as a source of income, the island is recognised as a leading offshore financial centre. 

With the absence of VAT, luxury goods are often cheaper providing an incentive for tourism, and the growth of the fulfilment industry, such as videos, lingerie and contact lenses. 

Major agricultural products, such as potatoes  and dairy produce, add to the economic success of the country. 

Once an investor has lived in Jersey for 5 consecutive years an application for citizenship can be made, and one year following this, UK citizenship can be applied for.

Pathway to Residency

Real Estate.

A purchase of an applicant’s main residence for a

purchase price of no less than 1,000,000 GBP.


Investment of no less than 2,000,000 GBP

which the Minister has determined to be for the benefit of the country.


No additional contributions are required.


Under the Jersey Residency Rule the investor will pay annual taxes of at least 125,000 GBP,

and intend for Jersey to become their main residence.

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