Cyprus Citizenship.

Why Cyprus?

With over 10,000 years of history, 320 days of annual sunshine and a unique location at the crossroads of 3 continents, it’s not difficult to see why Cyprus is a popular base for the business community and their families. 

Nestled between Europe, Africa and Asia, this Mediterranean island is a member of the European Union and a hotspot for tourism with a wealth of historical and archaeological sites, Blue Flag beaches, extensive forests and nature trails, executive hotels, spas and golf courses, wineries, water sports and luxurious yachts. 

Whilst tourism is a major income source for the island, the region also benefits from a variety of other business opportunities and investments. 

Encouraged by favourably low taxes these include agriculture, shipping and marinas, property development, tax and finance, and more recently, ventures into the gas, oil and photovoltaic industries. 

As part of its policies aimed at attracting foreign investors to the island, the Council of Ministers revised its regulations controlling the route to Cypriot citizenship. 

As a result, the programme is renowned as being one with the fastest application process. The government typically decides an application after approximately three months, with the entire process completing between 6 and 9 months. T

he option to invest in real estate is one of the more simple - and therefore more popular options - because the entire capital is an investment rather than a contribution.

Pathway to Citizenship

Real Estate.

A purchase of a new or resale residential property

with a purchase price of at least

500,000 EUR (540,000 USD)

which will be the Applicant’s principle primary residence.


An investment of at least

2,000,000 EUR (2,160,000 USD)

in real estate, land development and infrastructure projects.

NOTE: if this option is chosen, an additional permanent residence does not need to be purchased provided at least one of the units is valued at

500,000 EUR (540,000 USD)

and the residence is retained for life.


An investment of at least

2,000,000 EUR (2,160,000 USD)

in the purchase, establishment or participation of Cypriot companies or businesses.


Cypriot investment funds and the stock exchange.


A combination of both above.


An additional investment of

1,500,000 EUR (1,602,000 USD)

in real estate.


A donation of 150,000 EUR (162,000 USD) 

is required, of which 50%

will go towards the Research and Innovation Fund, and the other 50% towards the Cyprus Land Development Corporation.


The investment vehicle must be retained for five years from the issuance of Citizenship.


Ownership of a residential property with a value of

500,000 EUR (540,000 USD) 

must be kept indefinitely.

Although this does not need to be the property originally purchased, and it can be rented to third parties under certain conditions.

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