Egypt Residency

Residency requirements.

Foreign nationals wishing to travel to Egypt are required to possess a valid passport of their country and a valid Egypt eVisa. To attract more foreign tourists and to encourage them to plan their travel to Egypt, Government of Egypt has initiated eVisa from 2016 and it was introduced for citizens of many countries. Besides that, Government of Egypt implemented a modern electronic system for processing your Egypt visa electronically at arrival ports. From now on, you can get your Egypt visa fast and simple without having to send your passport to the Egypt Embassy.

Pathway to Residency

Real Estate.

Buy real estate: Foreigners who are granted residency in return for bank deposits, are foreigners who come to invest in Egypt and deposit an amount of money in an Egyptian bank that is not less than seven million EGP, (340,000 GBP / 435,000 USD) or an equivalent amount in foreign currency. The Prime Minister shall determine the equivalent amount by issuing a decision.

Recently, the media and press mentioned that the Egyptian parliament is discussing a bill to grant Egyptian nationality to foreigners based on several conditions; most remarkably condition is to grant the nationality based on establishing investment projects.[1] The bill discussed enabling those who pay ten thousand dollars to obtain Egyptian citizenship.[2]


The Egyptian parliament has passed a law that will grant residency – and, after a five-year period of continued residence, citizenship – to foreigners who deposit seven million Egyptian pounds (about 435,000 USD / 340,000 GBP) in one of the country’s state-owned banks.


Those approved under the deposit option will be allowed to apply for citizenship after five years of residence, rather than the ten years required for other types of applicants.

Family members of the main applicant must reside in the country to qualify for citizenship alongside the main applicant.

Upon approval of the citizenship application – in year-five – the bank deposit is transferred to the Treasury, thus becoming a donation rather than an investment.

Those naturalized through the scheme will only be eligible to “exercise their political rights” (presumably meaning the right to vote), five years after obtaining citizenship.


A person may be naturalised as an Egyptian citizen after at least 10 consecutive years of residence in Egypt. Normally a person must be aged 21 or over in order to become a naturalized Egyptian citizen.

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