Greece Residency.

Why Greece?

Located on the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, this Mediterranean country with its 600 islands, is a hotspot for tourism, with a wealth of historical and archaeological sites, expansive beaches, forests and nature trails, and over 300 days of sunshine a year. 

With its luxurious hotels and villas, fine dining restaurants and great shopping, Greece remains a popular choice for investment.  

Whilst tourism is a major source of income, the country also benefits from a variety of other business opportunities including shipping, tax and finance, and more recently, alternative green energy industries. 

In addition, the real estate sector is currently experiencing a surge of activity

The Greek residency by investment scheme was launched in 2013 to attract foreign direct investments. It is still one of the cheaper options for investment of this kind. 

It is also the only European programme offering permanent residency from day one.

Pathway to Residency

Real Estate.

A purchase of either residential or commercial property, on mainland Greece or one of her islands, with a purchase price of at least 250,000 EUR.

Note - Applicants can buy more than one property, and can own the property personally or through a legal proxy in which they are the only shareholder.

Note - Applicants can purchase property jointly, provided each person invests the minimum amount of 250,000 EUR each; unless they are a married couple whereby the investment need only be 250,000 EUR.



An investment of a timeshare (lease) of 10 years or more, for hotel accommodations or furnished tourist residences in integrated tourist resorts, with a purchase price of not less than 250,000 EUR.


A general investment of at least 250,000 EUR which must have a positive impact on the national development and economy of the country.  For example, production of resources, innovation and job creation.


A government contribution of 2,000.00 EUR per person for the Applicant, spouse and dependants. Taxes and legal fees also apply.


Ownership of the property and/or continuation of the investment must be retained during the period of residency.  The initial period of residency is renewable after five years. 

Note - After 7 years of residency in Greece an application may be made for citizenship based on the standard criteria and requirements of the country.

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