Latvia Residency

Residency requirements.

The Latvia Investor Programme provide applicants with 5-year temporary residence in Latvia. After 5 years of temporary residence, applicants may be able to apply for permanent residence. Citizenship is also possible after 10 years of residence, of which 5 years must have been spent as a permanent resident.

Latvia offers a good standard of living and great access to both Moscow and other European capitals. The cost of living in Riga is rather low compared to other European capitals, and university tuition fees are around EUR 5,000 a year for foreigners.

Taxes in Latvia are low compared to the rest of Europe, and no physical presence requirements are imposed on the temporary permit holders.

Pathway to Residency

Real Estate.

Purchase of real estate property worth EUR 250,000 or more. The purchase of 2 properties of at least EUR 125,000 is also permitted;

The property can be purchased by a commercial entity or an individual;

The total cadastral value of the real estate is at least EUR 80,000 at the moment of purchase;

5% of the total purchase price will need to be donated to the state budget;



EUR 250,000 interest-free government bonds determined for a special purpose; or

EUR 280,000 subordinate liabilities toward a credit institution of the Republic of Latvia; or

EUR 50,000 invested in the share capital of a existing or new company with less than 50 employees; or

EUR 100,000 invested in the share capital of a existing or new company with more than 50 employees;



This programme requires applicants to make a financial contribution to the state of EUR 25,000 (EUR 10,000 in the case of share capital);


The investment must be held for 5 years;

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