Montenegro Citizenship.

Why Montenegro?

Located in the south eastern corner of Europe on the Balkan peninsula, Montenegro is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations, with the coastal town of Kotor being named the best city to visit by Lonely Planet in 2016. 

The country represents the old and new, from its growing modern lifestyle, nightlife and casinos, to the historical sites of the former monarchy, and exceptional mountains, lakes, rivers and ancient woodlands. 

In recent years tourism has become a major income source for the island, and the Government now aims to attract greenfield investments to best use undeveloped parts of the coast.  

The economy also benefits from foreign direct investment, agriculture and industry, making the most of the excellent rail links, sea ports and international airports. 

Classified by the World Bank as an upper middle-income country, Montenegro is also a member of the UN, NATO, the World Trade Organization and the Central European Free Trade Agreement, amongst others.

As part of its policy aimed at attracting foreign investors to the country, the Government launched its Golden Visa programme in 2018, which will apply until the end of 2021. 

There are many benefits to the scheme, some of which include payment of the lowest corporation tax in Europe (currently 9%), free access to EU markets and Russia, exemptions from paying profit tax for three years for those establishing manufacturing companies in less-developed areas and reduced rates of property tax to name but a few.

Pathway to Citizenship

Real Estate.

No direct purchase of a residence is required but note the requirements of the investments permitted.

(see right).


A) An investment of at least 250,000 EUR in development programmes

(for example, hotels, resorts, IT parks, commercial real estate and land development)

in the northern or central region of Montenegro. (save for the capital of Podgorica).


B) An investment of at least 450,000 EUR in development programmes (for example, hotels, resorts, IT parks, commercial real estate and land development)

in the capital of Podgorica or the coastal region of the country.


A donation of 100,000 EUR towards the Government is required.


The applicant must make an application deposit of 15,000 EUR for themselves, and then an additional 10,000 EUR for each family member up to a total of 4. 

For any additional family members further deposits must be made of 50,000 EUR.


None specified.

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