Philippines Residency.

Why The Philippines?

The fifth- largest island country, the Republic of the Philippines is located in Southeast Asia and shares maritime borders with Taiwan, Indonesia and China. 

The country is rich in natural resources and boats some of the world’s greatest biodiversity. 

The Republic actually consists of some 7,641 islands, spread through the western Pacific Ocean from north to south. 

From mountainous islands covered in tropical rainforest to beautiful white sand beaches, the Philippines is home to over 100 mammals, and 170 bird species not thought to exist anywhere else in the world.

Although some areas can be difficult to access, tourism still provides a large percentage of the country’s income, but locals are keen to attract more visitors to its shores. 

Being a newly industrialized country, the government is also keen to take advantage of new business opportunities whilst continuing to strengthen its existing relationships with the US, Japan, Germany and Thailand to name but a few. 

Major exports include semiconductors and electrical products, transport equipment, garments, copper and petroleum products, as well as agricultural goods. 

Due to the seismic activity of the area, mineral deposits are also in abundance including gold, jade, marble, zinc and chromite. 

Pathway to Residency

Real Estate.

No purchase of real estate is required.


Special Investor Resident Visa (SIRV) –

Investment of 75,000 USD into economic activities favourable to the country, such as services, construction, tourism, and similar. 

For example, investment of shares in existing or new companies.

Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) –

Investment of 50,000 USD in a Philippine financial institution (age 35-49).


10,000 USD together with a pension of at least 800.00 USD per month.


1,000 USD for couples, or 20,000 USD without a pension (age 50+).


No additional contributions are required.


The investment must be retained for the term of residency. 

Although it can be withdrawn in cases of extreme medical emergency.

An application for citizenship can be made after ten years residency, and the applicant must have knowledge of Filipino history,

be able to speak Tagalog and own real estate or have a lucrative business amongst other requirements.

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