St Lucia Citizenship

Residency requirements.

Access to parts of the EU, Caribbean and South America.

The Saint Lucia citizenship by investment programme offers four investment routes to prospective applicants, including one of the most economic citizenship by investment options in the Caribbean. The application process is clearly defined, and applications are typically processed within three months.

Saint Lucian citizens can enjoy access to 145 countries including those in the European Union, other parts of the Caribbean and South America. Furthermore, with a relatively low crime rate, access to modern facilities, services and infrastructure, world class restaurants and hotels and prime real estate, the nation places focus on the quality of life.

Pathway to Citizenship

Real Estate.

A minimum real estate investment of USD 300,000, in a pre-approved real estate project consisting of a high-end branded hotel, resort or boutique property, which must be held for a minimum of five years;



A minimum investment of USD 3.5 million, in a pre-approved enterprise project, in one of 7 categories including, speciality restaurants, cruise ports, marinas, agro-processing plants, pharmaceutical products, ports, bridges, roads, highways, research institutions and facilities and offshore universities;



A minimum contribution of USD 100,000 in the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund; 

A minimum of USD 500,000 in non-interest-bearing government bonds, registered in the name of the main applicant for a minimum of 5 years;



The applicant is required to execute a binding purchase and sales agreement for an investment in an approved real estate project. Investments, equalling the agreed purchase price, are deposited in an approved irrevocable escrow account managed jointly by the developer and the Citizenship by Investment Unit in Saint Lucia

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