Turkey Citizenship.

Why Turkey?

From its ancient port city of Ephesus to the impressive Byzantine dome of Aya Sofya, this former link along the Silk Road, has long-established itself as being a country of economic importance. 

Turkey occupies a unique geographic position lying in part in both Asia and Europe, and has acted as both a bridge and barrier between the two continents.    

Turkey has a rich and diverse history and holds 17 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as golden beaches and mountain-ringed lakes, ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations, luscious valleys and nature trails. 

The country boasts executive hotels, hamam, wineries, waters ports, wildlife treks and paragliding.  Whilst tourism is an important income source for Turkey, the country displays a wide and diverse economy benefitting from a variety of business opportunities and investments. 

These include foreign direct investment, banking, construction, electronics, textiles, oil and gas industries, science and petrochemical products, food, mining, iron and steel, and machine industry.

As part of its policy aimed at attracting foreign investors to the country, Turkey has revised its regulations controlling the route to citizenship. 

As a result, the necessary investment contribution has been significantly reduced and the procedure streamlined, with the entire process completing in approximately 5 months. 

Consideration can also be made for the inclusion of the Applicant’s family.  Citizenship provides visa-free access to 111 countries worldwide.

Pathway to Citizenship

Real Estate.

A purchase of a residential property with a purchase price of at least 250,000 USD.



Instead of the purchase of a residential property (as left) the Applicant can either;

A) Invest a minimum cash deposit of at least 500,000 USD into their Turkish bank account. 


B) Invest a minimum of at least 500,000.00 USD in Turkish public borrowing instruments, real estate investment funds or venture capital investment funds.


C) Employ at least 50 Turkish citizens in the Applicant’s own company.


D) Invest a minimum of 500,000 USD in fixed capital for industry and technology.



No additional contributions are required.


The investment project must be held for three years or more.


Ownership of the residential property with a value of at least 250,000 USD must retained for three years or more.


Provide a health report displaying no disease which could endanger public health.


Continue to display a good sense of moral behaviour, continued social responsibility, and general respect and appreciation of local society and its values.

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