United States of America - EB5 Residency.

Why The United States of America?

The United States (US) is one of the largest of the world’s countries comprising of 50 states, and located between Canada and Mexico.  The US is a federal republic and representative democracy, and a founding member of the UN, NATO, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.  Although its population is only 4% of the world total, it holds 31% of the world’s wealth, and ranks very highly in socioeconomic performance including median wealth, income, salary and human development. 

The country is consistently ranked among the best for its overall competitiveness and ease of doing business.   US business culture actively encourages free enterprise and competition, with inviting start-ups and franchise creation.  As a stable democracy with a transparent and predictable legal system, all companies – regardless of national origin – compete on an even playing field.

The US has established two forms of residency programme – the E-2 and EB-5.  The former is a temporary residency visa whilst the latter, a permanent one.  The difference is evident in the level of financial investment together with the commitment to US economic growth by the investor.   The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Programme grants the right to reside indefinitely for the applicant and immediate family, together with unfettered travel within the 50 states.  It also allows for travel to countries with a green-card waiver arrangement such as Canada and Mexico.  Residency does not expire under this scheme. 

Pathway to Residency

Real Estate.

There is no requirement to purchase real estate.


Investment of at least 1,800,000 USD towards a new business venture.


Investment of at least 900,000 USD towards a new business venture in a rural area or one subject to high levels of unemployment.


Investment of at least 900,000 USD towards a Business Project (An investment opportunity pre-approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.)

Note – With each investment it must lead to the creation of 10 permanent job vacancies or more.


No additional contributions are required.


Investment funds need to be retained during the immigration process and can be vulnerable as no guaranteed return or principal are offered, nor any rights of redemption on the initial capital.  

Note - An applicant must prove that they have a net worth of at least 1,000,000 USD from legitimate sources.

Scheme provides a clear path to a US Passport. 

INVESTMENT VISAS: cover the investor, spouse, and children under the age of 21. 

Can in most cases provide work authorisation. 


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