Highlighted Residential Property in Malta

This property, a converted TOWNHOUSE.

6,067,678 USD

This property, a converted TOWNHOUSE, is a gem of a by-gone age, situated in one of the few European fortified ancient walled cities left intact and unspoilt - Mdina, Malta’s old capital. It boasts its own peaceful and patrician section of bastion, upon which four terraces not only enjoy quiet areas of seclusion, but also panoramic views of the island and the Mediterranean Sea beyond. In [...]


Investing in real estate in Malta has been a major source of attractive returns for more than two decades. With some of the Mediterranean’s best coves for diving, Malta’s glittering coastline is a major draw for property buyers. With its low hills and terraced fields, this Mediterranean island south of Sicily offers a range of enjoyable activities. With its Megalithic temples and fossilized rocks, the deep past does not seem so far from properties in Malta. In fact, there are reminders of its history anywhere one goes, and real estate development throughout the country has skyrocketed. The fortresses that tower over the landscape, fortifications and underground tunnels are a reminder of Malta’s strategic importance in the past – and a favorite of history buffs. Churches hold sway over small villages, speaking of a deeply Christian past, while temples set atop tall cliffs provide a stunning backdrop. Even the fishing boats you’re likely to see from the many Malta apartments for rent are a nod to Phoenician history!