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United Kingdom: More property to sell! Minister reveals 10,000 new homes to be built on government land.

26/11/2019 11:45:46

Kit Malthouse claims £15 million initiative will save taxpayers money and create more jobs.

An additional 10,000 new homes are to be built at 100 sites across England over the next six years on land sold off by local authorities, emergency services and government departments as part of a £15 million scheme, the government has announced.

The multi-department initiative is part of an extended One Public Estate programme, which will create an additional 4,000 jobs, save the taxpayer £37 million in running costs and see public services concentrated in hubs, freeing up land.

“This government is committed to helping more people get on the housing ladder and restoring the dream of home ownership for a new generation,” says housing minister Kit Malthouse.

“The One Public Estates programme will not only help more people find a home of their own, but also help create jobs and save taxpayers’ money.”

The new projects will include, initially, sites in Waltham Forest, London as well as in Devon, Exeter, Northamptonshire and Worcestershire. They will be supported with government grants totalling £1.32 million.

The One Public Estate programme was begun in 2013 and has already sold off land on which 3,336 both social and open-market new homes have been built.

“Getting the best use out of publicly-owned land can help to regenerate our towns and cities and give people improved access to the services they need,” says Oliver Dowden, Minister for Implementation.

“This programme shows that when government works smarter, with public authorities coming together, taxpayers get better value for money, new jobs are created and space is freed-up for vitally needed new homes.”