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26/11/2019 11:45:46

Home grown property portals have a proven domestic track record but not international reach.


These portals are also not seeing the volume of enquiries from UK buyers that they enjoyed pre-Brexit. Additionally, overseas buyers are increasingly looking to invest in the UK but can’t find the properties. Now with over 60% on London property ownership in the hands of foreign investors, property developers and estate agencies simply cannot ignore this fact, and they need to cast their nets to a wider international audience to attract these buyers.

This trend also applies to the majority of major cities around the world. Safe, secure central city property investments. Agents have a fantastic opportunity to capture this international market, which many are currently overlooking.

TWPN can offer agents this opportunity to capture an entirely new market.


What does the rest of this year hold for TWPN?


We are on the brink of some very big joint ventures at home and overseas – watch this space!


What’s your property prediction for 2019?


Firstly the interest rates are increasing already. TWPN believe, we are going to see increased overseas investment in the UK, particularly in London. With the British pound now worth significantly less against many leading currencies following Brexit, investors are realising they can get more bang for their buck in the UK.


[Source Estate Agent Today]