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The ultimate live travel and roadside Lead Generation & Property Search tool.

We all now live in a digitally efficient environment.

However, the property industry is an industry which has historically been resistant to embracing the latest technologies, and the frustration for purchasers is very apparent.

It is well documented that buying or renting a new home, or locating a new office, is stressful and time consuming enough already, not only for the purchaser but also for the property professionals in guiding their clients through the maze of hurdles from closure to completion.

The TWPN Property Ping PRO is the very latest technology, that’s new, smart, fast, fun and an exciting way to find properties - TWPN’s Property PING PRO the first on-the-move property search tool.

Ushering in a new generation of property searchers, our APP allows you and your clients, in real time and whilst driving or walking to research, review and then meet an agent at the curb of your desired property.

Property searching is a personal experience, let us move the power back into your hands.

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Benefits for Property Seekers.

The Property PING comes with a series of interconnectivity tools to allow you to engage with Perspective Clients in real-time, hot leads!

So the selling and relationship begins in real time…

Location, Location, Location....

We’ve all heard about how important this is with property well now the TWPN Property Ping empowers you in real time….

When a Client Registers interest in one of your properties their full details will be delivered to you to expedite the on-boarding & registration process.

Also, a client requesting interest in one of your properties opens up our one- to-one chat facility, allowing you to communicate with your lead immediately upon notification.

Got a property on your books you know a client will love? Our in-app Recommendation tool allows you to send property recommendations to your clients in real time.

Client databasing. Our App allows you to store all your TWPN Clients in one place. Helping you to keep track of everyone whilst you're on- the-go.

Search as you go..

The TWPN Property Ping APP will be available to Users Worldwide... and even better, it's completely FREE* so download it now!

Smart Phone to Smart Home with TWPN

TWPN we talked to properties...and now you can to download our app today.

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