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Stylish & Modern Mallorcan Townhouse In The Heart Of ArtáMallorcan elements mixed with individuality and elegance!There are houses in which one already feels comfortable entering for the first time without being able to say exactly why. The atmosphere of this house is perceptible and gives a very positive consists of 172 m2 divided into two halves, the 2 floors impress with a successful distribution.Upon entering, the view drops directly into the romantic courtyard of the house. The large glass doors that open onto the patio can be completely opened and combine beautifully with the living roo...

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Spanish siestas and fiestas couldn't be a more tempting way of life. Spending relaxed evenings learning flamenco under a blanket of stars or listening to guitar strings being slowly plucked and drifting off into the warm night breeze. Spain has an undeniable allure from its stunning beaches to its rural landscapes steeped in rich history that can be seen in the layers of magnificent buildings.Venture southeast to the Mediterranean for weather that rarely disappoints from Catalonia to Tarifa with its wide variety of landscapes and culture. Unwind in the radiant sun at the top of a hill-top farming village glistening white in Andalusia, full of wonders from the Moorish empire. Buy a property at one of Spain’s archipelagos, more than just beautiful beaches the Canary Islands are located closer to the shores of Morocco than Spain so it boasts great water sports and even better weather all year long. From Lanzarote to Fuerteventura there are sub-tropical rain forests, sand dunes, vistas of mountain peaks and exquisite flora and fauna. Mallorca has always been an exclusive place to buy dominated by breathtaking mountain ranges, olive groves and of course those famous beaches.